Divine Destiny

Divine Destiny

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Free Hand Washing Timer (for lil ones) While supplies last...

Order yours today!
Receive a free Get Ready hand-washing timer!

Fun musical timer attaches to the top of your liquid soap dispenser and helps teach kids how long they should wash. Free offer open to all! Order now

Hand with washing timer

Thanks Crazy Coupon Mommy


  1. Keisha,
    Thanks for the info.for the free handwashing timers!! Nice freebie..
    Also,stopping by to say hello.
    Do you plan on setting up a link so your followers can subscribe to your posts?If so let me know.
    shannpf1977 at yahoo dot com

  2. Have you recieved your free gift yet?I haven't,maybe it's to early yet.Let me know when you recieve yours.
    Anyways,I just wanted to stop by to say Hello!

  3. I am new here! Would love if you come visit and follow me too! Have a beautiful day! :) Shauna

  4. My Granddaughter sings Happy Birthday while she washes her hands.

    Also, I am having a huge probiotic giveaway on my blog. $350 in probiotics and 5 winners. Ends June 1. US Only