Divine Destiny

Divine Destiny

Monday, July 25, 2011

Whats for Dinner Week 7/25/2011

Wow i am so thankful it was such a great week food wise. i really stuck to my plan. I think this is going to work out great for our family. And shopping has been cut back tremendously, I only had to go to the store one time last week It was such an organized event..lol.. yes going to the store is an EVENT for this household. Well lets go~

Week of 7/25/2011

Breakfast: Cereal/ Self Serve
Lunch: Grilled Pimento Cheese W/Tomato Soup
Dinner: Salisbury Steak Mashed Potato Mixed Veggies

Breakfast: French Toast
Lunch: Beef Hot Dogs W/ Mac n Cheese
Dinner: Beef Roast with Carrots n Potatoes (in crock pot)

Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs Grits Turkey Bacon
Lunch: Leftover Roast Sandwiches
Dinner: Stuffed Chicken Breast Garlic Smash potato's Green beans

Breakfast: Bagels Cream Cheese Choice
Lunch: Pasta Salad with Italian Dressing and Pepperoni
Dinner: Grilled BBQ Turkey Breast with onion n peppers sauce Corn on the Cob

Breakfast: Fried Potatoes Eggs and sliced Roasted turkey
Lunch: French Bread Pizzas
Dinner: Taco Night

Breakfast: Cereal Open
Lunch: Tuna Helper
Dinner: Spaghetti with sausage and Fried Fish Garlic Bread

Breakfast: French Toast
Lunch: Fried Cuban Sandwiches
Dinner: Meatloaf Mashed potatoes Gravy mixed Vegetables

The Menu is working well for my family I cant wait to share how much we saved this month on groceries. Plus if you see something very interesting let me know i may be able to share my recipe. MAYBE..


Friday, July 22, 2011

20/20 Online Bulletin Board $100

20/20 Research is bringing the focus group to you!

We are currently conducting a research study regarding Foods products for your family (#11-0464) and would like to invite women to participate using an online bulletin board. A bulletin board is a new, cutting-edge way to conduct market research. It allows you to participate from your home, office, the local coffee shop or any place that has a high speed internet connection.

The online discussion takes place: July 25th through July 28th and will require going online each day to answer the questions posted by the moderator.

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Good Luck!

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Another Great survey site that pays out Cash .. i suggest if you arent a member sign up for these they email you and offer you money to do online bulletin boards and or surveys. This one is online bulletin board this is not eh actual survey it is just the screener answer some ?S if they want you they will email you back so GOOD LUCK


Nationwide Study. $100

Plaza research San Francisco is currently looking for participants for a new nationwide study starting very soon! As with all Plaza Research studies, participants are booked on a first come, first serve basis. Not all participants who complete these pre-questionnaires will qualify for these studies, nor will everyone receive a callback. Please do not call in reference to these studies. If you pre-qualify, a recruiter will contact you with further questions and details. By clicking on any of the link below and/or answering the questions, you are confirming you understand the above statements and policies. You are also agreeing to fill out this survey honestly and to the best of your knowledge. *Referrals for these studies are welcome! Please forward this email to anyone you think may qualify. If you reply back to THIS email, you will not be called for this group! This address is not monitored on a regular basis. ~Mobile Search~Tuesday, July 26th, 10-day online diary Requirement: Males and females ages 18+ who have a PC computer running Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000 or an Apple computer running Mac OS X 10.4 or later AND have a broadband internet connection (DSL, Cable, T1 are all fine)Incentive: $100.00 If you are interested in the Mobile Search study, please click on the link below and fill out the survey:


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I can never get enough of FREE ~~~


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

FREE $5 Amazon Code!!!

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Monday, July 18, 2011

Whats for dinner this WEEK!!

I have been truly amazed at how much i have been sticking to this dinner schedule I LOVE IT.

And my Family is really enjoying it as well.
Although i never figured in our weekend Trips to the Lake and such nor did i think of LEFTOVERS. so I am going to update and post as we eat!Some things may change i will keep you posted as much as possible.

7/18/2011 Our Weekly Menu

Breakfast: Eggs Turkey Bacon,Grits, Toast and slice of cinnamon bread Topped with a cup of Apple Juice( or alternative for the lil ones a bowl of cereal)
Lunch: Deviled Eggs, Fruit and Vegetable Crudites Platter with Dips

Dinner: Shepherds Pie (Ground beef,Mashed potatoes,Corn)

Breakfast: OPEN
Lunch: Crab Tuna Pasta Salad
Dinner: Rice n Beans, Chicken Stew (Arroz Con Gandules and Pollo Guisado)

First plate has the left over Crab tuna salad, Second plate has fried chicken leg for the girls.

Breakfast: Cinnamon Bagel Sandwich with Egg and sliced fried turkey
Lunch: Meatball Subs
Dinner: Spanish Style Corn Beef, topped with left over Rice n Beans, Corn

Breakfast: Open
Lunch: Homemade Chicken Corn soup (Light sandwiches)
Dinner: My homemade BBQ Chicken Wings, Au gratin Potatoes, Broccoli

Breakfast: Open
Lunch: Spaghetti os' Beef a Roni
Dinner: Fish Sandwich (or Chicken nuggets) Mac n cheese (on top of stove)Peas


Breakfast: Open
Lunch: Grilled pimento and Cheddar cheese sandwiches, Tomato Soup
Dinner:Dinty Moore Beef Stew, White Rice

Breakfast: open
Lunch: Rice Jumbalia
Dinner: ON core Salisbury steaks, Mashed potatoes, Peas

I will try to post pictures as i make each meal.
If you want recipe please email me i will pass it along EXCEPT MY HOMEMADE BBQ SAUCE .. no can do..lol


Best and Worst: Your Guide
The Best and Worst for Weight Loss

With the surplus of goods and information available, it’s often hard to differentiate what actually works from what’s full of empty promises. Learn about the products that will help you to effectively drop the pounds, and avoid the ones that don’t deliver.

Diet Pills

Best: Glucomannan

Glucomannan is a natural thickening agent derived from a root. It is used in Asia to thicken noodles and tofu. You can add glucomannan powder to thicken soups and stews; this added fiber will keep you fuller for longer periods of time and less likely to eat mindlessly. Glucomannan is also available in capsule form, and is available at most vitamin stores for under $10; take it with a lot of water.

Worst: Ephedrine

Ephedrine dangerously speeds up the heart rate which can ultimately damage the arterial walls. The FDA has rejected three prescription diet pills this year alone.

Weight-Loss Snack

Best: Inca Peanuts

Inca peanuts, grown in the Andes mountains and Amazon rainforest of peru, are loaded with vitamin E, and have 3 times the amount of omega-3s and twice the fiber as walnuts. An ounce of these nuts contains 5 grams of fiber – that’s 20% of the recommended daily value. They are also known as Sacha Inchi nuts and are available online or at health food stores for about $10 a bag.

Worst: Anything in Bar Form

From granola bars to protein and meal replacement bars, anything that’s a bar is your worst weight-loss snack choice. Many are loaded with sugar and fat. Some are made with sugar alcohol to cut down on calories, but this often causes gas and bloating as side effects.

Metabolism Boosters

Best: Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper is proven to boost metabolism and burn through fat. By adding spices like cayenne pepper to your diet, you can burn up to 50 extra calories a day.

Worst: Energy Drinks

Loaded with sugar and caffeine, energy drinks only give you a temporary boost. Your body can quickly burn through the sugars, but these sugars are inflammatory and damage your cells.

Packaged Foods

Best: Whole Wheat Pasta

Whole wheat pasta is has more fiber than white pasta. It’s low in sodium and fat, and high in protein to keep you satiated. Protein and high-fiber foods pass through your system more slowly so you won’t be hungry for hours.

Worst: Frozen Diet Meals

While these frozen meals brand themselves as healthy, diet-friendly options, many can be high in fat, sodium, simple carbs and sugar – and they don’t give your body the nutrients it needs. Your body absorbs these foods more quickly, and before you know it, you’ll be hungry again.

If you are going to buy frozen meals, follow Dr. Oz's guidelines:

Fat: Less than 4g per serving

Sodium: Less than 500 mg per serving

Gravy: None

Cheese: None (Cheese has both fat and salt. You can add the cheese yourself – but practice portion control.)

Only One Compartment: Frozen meals with more than one dividing compartment usually means vegetables you won’t eat or an added dessert you shouldn’t eat!

No Bigger Than Your Hand: Keep your portions under control.

Weight-Loss Exercise

Best: Lunges

Lunges work the largest muscles in the body, so it burns the most calories as you exercise. You use your own body’s weight to get stronger and you need no special equipment.

Worst: Sit-ups

Most of us do sit-ups incorrectly and risk hurting our backs and necks. Try holding a plank position instead. This exercise engages all of your stomach muscles, arms and legs.

The Best and Worst at the Drugstore

The drugstore has dozens of aisles and thousands of products. When you’re searching for relief, it’s easy to make the wrong choice. Don’t spend money on products that don’t work or could be damaging to your health. Dr. Oz helps you navigate the drugstore successfully.

Muscle Pain

Best: Heating Pad

Actual heat from the heating pad relaxes tense muscles and eases the aches and pains away.

Worst: Menthol Muscle Ache Cream

There’s little evidence to support that menthol creams work. It also contains an ingredient similar to aspirin that can be toxic; be careful not to overuse these creams.

Hot Flashes

Best: Sage

Research shows that sage extract, used every day for 3 months, alleviated symptoms of menopause, including hot flashes.

Worst: Evening Primrose Oil

There’s no evidence to show that evening primrose oil works. One study found that it had no greater benefit than placebo.

Chest Congestion

Best: Cough Expectorant

If you have a wet cough, you want your body to get rid of the phlegm. An expectorant thins the mucous that blocks the airways leading up to the lungs. Your body will be better able to move the mucous so you can recover more quickly.

Worst: Cough Suppressant

A cough suppressant is the worst option for a wet cough. They work by simply lessening your urge to cough – but this allows mucous to stay in your body and keep you sicker longer.


Best: Moisturizing Foaming Hand Soap with Olive Oil

Regular soap can effectively kill germs. Olive oil contains antioxidants like vitamin A and E that help to repair and renew skin damage caused by the sun and air pollutants.

Worst: Antibacterial Soap

There is no need for an antibacterial agent – regular soap works just fine. Antibacterial soaps are thought to lead to antibiotic resistance.


Best: Probiotic Supplement

A probiotic supplement restores the natural flora and live cultures, or the good bacteria, that live in your gastrointestinal system. Look for a “broad spectrum” probiotic that has several strains to help with digestion.

Worst: Laxative

Laxatives, especially those with stimulants, can actually become addictive. If overused, your body forgets how to move those digestive muscles on its own.

The Best and Worst Ways to Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Many Americans complain of exhaustion. Your daily habits could be robbing you of the sleep you need. Dr. Oz lists the best and worst sleep solutions.

Relaxing Drink

Best: Chamomile

Chamomile is a natural sedative and has anti-anxiety properties. A cup or two before bed can help you calm down and ease you to sleep. The smell of chamomile is also used in aromatherapy as a relaxant.

Worst: Wine

Wine alters your brain chemistry, resulting in a poor night of sleep. Studies have found that alcohol will put you to sleep faster, but it will reduce the amount of REM sleep you get, preventing you from feeling rested.

Sleep Position

Best: Sleeping on Your Right Side

Sleeping on your right side allows your heart to have extra room during the night, so it doesn’t have to work so hard pumping blood. This position also fits the natural curvature of your spine.

Worst: Sleeping on Your Left Side

Studies show that people who sleep on their left side compress the heart. Those with heart disease also have a bigger risk of heart failure.

Air Quality

Best: Sleeping With a Humidifier

Humidifiers circulate air and moisture, keeping the membranes in the back of your throat moist. This prevents bacteria from getting stuck in your throat and making you sick. Humidifiers will also keep your skin from drying out.

Worst: Sleeping With a Fan.

A fan dries out your throat and trachea, making you thirsty in the middle of the night and disrupting your sleep. Fans also dry out the mucus in your throat and nasal passages, making these areas more susceptible to bacteria infections.

Quiz yourself on what it takes to really get a good night's sleep.

Best and Worst Herbal Supplements

Looking for a way to solve that pounding headache or soothe your aching joints? Dr. Oz lists his best and worst supplements, all for under $10.


Best: Feverfew

Feverfew works by targeting the cause of migraines – blood vessels that don’t reach the brain. A member of the sunflower family, it contains the compound parthenolide, which helps prevent the constriction of blood vessels. Try taking 1200 milligrams, which will cost about $6 at a vitamin store.

Worst: Chamomile

The key benefit of chamomile is relaxation, which is not the problem with migraines. Instead, try chamomile to de-stress.


Best: Chondroitin

This supplement has been shown to reduce pain and swelling by blocking the enzymes that cause cartilage breakdown. It can also increase mobility. The average dose is 1200 milligrams per day and it costs about $9 at a vitamin store.

Worst: Arnica

Arnica comes from a plant and is primarily sold as a topical cream that soothes muscle aches and pains. It is also used for bruise, sprains and muscle aches. However, it won’t help your joints. Joint pain needs to be treated internally.

Low Libido

Best: Korean Red Ginseng

This supplement has been known to improve arousal for both genders. Take only about 600 milligrams a day and look out for some of the drug interactions, which can be dangerous. It costs about $7 at health stores.

Worst: Yohimbe

Yohimbe is derived from tree bark in Africa. It causes an increase in blood pressure and subsequently your heart rate. While you’ll get excited, it won’t be for the right reasons.

Immunity Booster

Best: Astragalus

This supplement has anti-viral properties, which stimulate the immune system. It contains antioxidants, which help protect cells from damage against free radicals and also helps prevent respiratory infections. The common dosage is about 1200 milligrams per day every day. It costs about $5 at vitamin stores.

Worst: DHA

DHA is a steroid and a precursor of sex hormones in the body. No long-term studies on the supplement have been completed, so it’s important that you talk to your doctor before you consider taking DHA.

The Best & Worst Restaurant Meals

Dining out can lead to dieting disasters. Dishes that can seem healthy can actually be packed with fat or salt – making them the worst choices. Dr. Oz decodes the menus at your favorite restaurants, and identifies the best and worst options.


Best: Beef Enchiladas (520 calories and 28 grams of fat)

Worst: Vegetable Burrito (1490 calories and 68 grams of fat)

Enchiladas are made with mole sauce, which contains peppers, nuts, seeds and Mexican chocolate, making it a healthy choice. Burritos are often loaded with unhealthy extras like rice, sour cream, and cheese. Avoid these toppings for a healthy meal.


Best: Chicken Chow Mein with Crispy Noodles (700 calories and 10 grams of fat)

Worst: General Tso’s Chicken (1300 calories and 86 grams of fat)

This dish is fried and has a thick sauce loaded with sugar. For a healthier version, ask for the sauce on the side. To cut additional calories, eat Chinese food with chopsticks – you’ll eat slower and scoop up less oil than with a fork.


Best: Spinach and Cheese Ravioli (480 calories and 16 grams of fat)

Worst: Chicken Scampi (1070 calories and 53 grams of fat)

This dish is loaded with cream, butter and oil. Sauce on the chicken is like dressing on a salad; it can ruin what would be a healthy meal. For a healthier dish, choose tomato-based sauces.

Friday, July 15, 2011

20/20 Research Study Dishwashing Study

We are currently conducting a research study regarding
Dish Washing Products and would like to invite women to participate using an online bulletin board. The bulletin board allows you to participate from your home, office, the local coffee shop or any place that has a high speed internet connection.

The 2-day online discussion takes place Tues, July 26 & Wed, July 27 and will require going online each day and answering questions posted by a moderator.

For your time and participation you will be given a $75 Online Visa Code, which can be used for online purchases at any website that accepts a regular Visa card. As always, any information that you provide will remain strictly confidential. To see if you qualify, please click HERE to answer a few brief questions.

Please use the forward to a friend button in the upper right hand corner to forward this to anyone who you think may be interested!

If this e-mail was forwarded to you and you would like to be contacted directly about future studies, become a member of our Panel by clicking HERE.

Free Ruby Tuesday Classic Burger Coupon

Ruby Tuesday is giving away a coupon for their free classic burger to the first 100,000 people who sign up for it on Facebook . The coupon is e-mailed to you.


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Look what we had for dinner! Every day of this week ill be posting pics!

Hello all As you know im a mother of 5 girls my baby is 6 months now GOD BLESS HER and my granddaughter is 3 months. So we are busy here. As a busy stay at home mom i am always trying to come up with new ways to save new ways to raise and new ways to enjoy.. figure those out..lol.. so recently a great friend of mine shared with me a very cost effective way to live and it has helped so i am going to share and i hope everyone enjoys it.

I am going to create a menu for my family for the next month this has saved me money time and headaches. If your like me you are so tired of everyday trying to figure out what we are all going to eat then having to run to the store, ugh my God we would be at the store literally everyday. I SWEAR..i was so frustrated well here is my plan and i am going to post it so hope you enjoy and try it yourself let me know how it works for you.

Im going to go week to week breakfast lunch and dinner but ill just post the dinners here though..

Explained .. ok i wrote down every single meal i could think of that i cook with each side i mean the complete dinner. as a list i came up with about 25 dinners. oh you can utilize the hubby here too and the kids I just asked my family what are their favorite meals. and wala.. i got my list found out alot about my girls too.. lol..They really like my cooking. So after i compiled my list i then wrote out what it took to make the meal. and i kept going to create a entire list of items for shopping. like for example if one recipe calls for chicken breast on my list i had MEATS and under meat i had a sub category called Chicken under chicken i had breast wings ect.
DAIRY.. sliced white cheese
Wings 2
SAUCES.. Red sauce
SEASONINGS...Sazon Packs
ect so i build up alist like that so when i go shopping i know exactly what to buy and how many to buy..WHAT A LIFE SAVER.!!! i stick to the list and make sure i have each ingredient. specific to the meal for that week so i will only have to go to the store once a week. YIPPEEEE..

with this in mind i am going to post pics of my meals and give you a sample of how things go hopefully you guys will utilize this as well. it is such a great release i swear i feel free so free. Now i post a list on the fridge so everyone knows what we are having for each meal that week .

Thursday Dinner Lasagna and Garlic Bread With Peaches/Grapes and Juice!
(my own recipe of my homemade, i dr the recipe cuz we dont like ricotta so here it is.let me know what you think)

It is 2 layers and mm so good. if you would like the recipe please email me i will pass it on you will love it EVERYONE DOES