Divine Destiny

Divine Destiny

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Look what we had for dinner! Every day of this week ill be posting pics!

Hello all As you know im a mother of 5 girls my baby is 6 months now GOD BLESS HER and my granddaughter is 3 months. So we are busy here. As a busy stay at home mom i am always trying to come up with new ways to save new ways to raise and new ways to enjoy.. figure those out..lol.. so recently a great friend of mine shared with me a very cost effective way to live and it has helped so i am going to share and i hope everyone enjoys it.

I am going to create a menu for my family for the next month this has saved me money time and headaches. If your like me you are so tired of everyday trying to figure out what we are all going to eat then having to run to the store, ugh my God we would be at the store literally everyday. I SWEAR..i was so frustrated well here is my plan and i am going to post it so hope you enjoy and try it yourself let me know how it works for you.

Im going to go week to week breakfast lunch and dinner but ill just post the dinners here though..

Explained .. ok i wrote down every single meal i could think of that i cook with each side i mean the complete dinner. as a list i came up with about 25 dinners. oh you can utilize the hubby here too and the kids I just asked my family what are their favorite meals. and wala.. i got my list found out alot about my girls too.. lol..They really like my cooking. So after i compiled my list i then wrote out what it took to make the meal. and i kept going to create a entire list of items for shopping. like for example if one recipe calls for chicken breast on my list i had MEATS and under meat i had a sub category called Chicken under chicken i had breast wings ect.
DAIRY.. sliced white cheese
Wings 2
SAUCES.. Red sauce
SEASONINGS...Sazon Packs
ect so i build up alist like that so when i go shopping i know exactly what to buy and how many to buy..WHAT A LIFE SAVER.!!! i stick to the list and make sure i have each ingredient. specific to the meal for that week so i will only have to go to the store once a week. YIPPEEEE..

with this in mind i am going to post pics of my meals and give you a sample of how things go hopefully you guys will utilize this as well. it is such a great release i swear i feel free so free. Now i post a list on the fridge so everyone knows what we are having for each meal that week .

Thursday Dinner Lasagna and Garlic Bread With Peaches/Grapes and Juice!
(my own recipe of my homemade, i dr the recipe cuz we dont like ricotta so here it is.let me know what you think)

It is 2 layers and mm so good. if you would like the recipe please email me i will pass it on you will love it EVERYONE DOES

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