Divine Destiny

Divine Destiny

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

$150 for an in home study on Urban Shopping in Philadelphia:

This is a FW from a site i go to..

I love market research studies and I belong to a couple of companies that help me to earn a little extra cash from home. I just received this offer in my email this morning and if your a Philly gal and meet the requirements, then you should definitely sign up to see if you get picked! I know I did and I am crossing my fingers for this one!!

This paid market research is offering $150 for an in home study on Urban Shopping in Philadelphia:

AGES: 25 – 60
MUST LIVE NEAR ZIP CODES: 19102, 19103, 19104, 19106, 19107, 19111, 19114, 19116, 19119, 19120, 19121, 19122, 19123, 19124, 19125, 19126, 19127, 19128, 19129, 19130, 19132, 19133, 19134, 19136, 19138, 19139, 19140, 19141, 19142, 19143, 19144, 19146, 19147, 19149, 19150, 19151, 19152, 19153, 19154 90 minute In-Home Interview + Homework
Pays: $150
Dates: Week of January 17, 2011

If you meet the above requirements, then please send an email to bothprojects@marketresearchdallas.com AND anewdawn7@tx.rr.com with Philadelphia URBAN SHOPPING STUDY IN THE SUBJECT LINE. Enclose the following information in your email with your answers (just copy & paste into email, then answer!) :

City / St / Zip

Marital Status
Highest level of education
Employment Status
Industry you work in:
Household Income:
Do you have any children under 18 living in your household?
How old are these children?
What is the store you shop for groceries most often?
Where is that store located?
How far from home is this store?
How do you travel to and from your home to this store? (car, bus or public transportation, taxi cab, walk, etc)
Have you tried a grocery delivery service?
Have you purchased any food items from a drug store?
What do you usually eat for breakfast?
What are your favorite breakfast foods?
Do you eat cereal (hot, cold, bars, etc)?
What is your favorite cereal?
How many boxes of cereal have you purchased in the last 3 months?
What snacks do you purchase regularly?
What is/are your favorite snack(s)?
Who is your cell phone provider?
What cell phone do you currently have?
Do you have a data plan with your phone?

Thats it Hope you get in.. I cant I dont live in the area~!!!

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