Divine Destiny

Divine Destiny

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My REVIEW: KitchenAid Artisan Series 5 Qt. Stand Mixer in Empire Red

    This is my first review but i will be doing lost more. I have to give the Kitchaid 5 stars. and i would defiantly recommend it!

    Pros It's an all around awesome appliance., Quality, large selection of attachments, Last forever, Color, versatile

Cons They are expensive

KitchenAid Artisan Series 5 Qt. Stand Mixer in Empire Red KSM150PSER

I love to bake i love to create and bake my own specialty cakes i think a cake that is made from scratch is the best cake. I went to culinary arts school back in 04 hear is where i started to bake and prepare my own cakes and icing and spaghetti sauce and noodles. And also here is where i first ran into the Kitchenaid. It was the best thing i have ever seen in my life i mean what else do you need in your kitchen besides yourself with the kitchen aid it was so versitile it had so many options to do with it. Well needless to say i wanted one from that point forward i had to have one . my husband got one for me that christmas and i have had it ever since. it still runs the exact same way it did when i got in back so many years ago. now today they would be a little more expensive but the kitchaids artisan stand mixers are literally priceless. You ever have a mixer that gets hot if you run it to long i have. have you ever had a mixer that just stops working I have. have you ever prepared several things in your kitchen adn had to clean your mixer just to start another part of your recipe. that is the thing with the kitchen aid you can do so much with it. all at the same time. Its not only reliable but it is very elegant looking to it matches my decor it sits in its plce its not to bulky i wrap the cord right around the base of it and i place some of the attachements right in the bowl. its easy cleanup i mean if you want something priceless i suggest you get a kitchenaid artesian mixer the 5 or 6 qt size it will be the last mixer you ever have to buy trust me.!!



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  2. Thanks Karen You know your my favorite Avon Lady Yes i def will go to your page i am a fan on your facebook page but now i follow your blog as well. Thanks for the support!!

    Merry Christmas to you!!

  3. Congrats on your blog. Great review! I want a Kitchen Aid Mixer but have yet to convince my husband that I need it.

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    Great blog!

  5. I love those. With just hubby and myself I don't get many chances to a lot of baking and such but would love one of those for when I do. I actually really love the bright red ones!