Divine Destiny

Divine Destiny

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

$200 Paid Research Study

As a mother of 4 girls and one more on the way I try every way shape and form to save money or make extra money well over the years i have found that there is a way to make money on the interent. I have been doing surveys for years I will post them as i get them and TRUST me they are legit comapnies just needing yoru opinions.

please comment if you get in

Title: $200 Paid Research Study - Social Media
We are conducting 55 minute market research telephone interviews with those whose role includes social media and other related technologies. For your time, you will be offered an honorarium of $200 for your participation, which will be mailed to you at the end of the project.

During this interview, you will be asked about your experiences and opinions only. You will not be responding as a representative of your company, we are looking for your personal opinions only. Both your personal and company name remains completely confidential.
To see if you are eligible for this project, call 888-815-9901 Ext 5 and mention project #275101

~ i didnt qualify for this one~ BOOHOO!!!!!

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  1. ***i didnt qualify for this one*** BOOHOO!!!!

    that doesnt mean i wont stop i will keep trying until i do find ones i qualify for.!!